Privacy Policy is a domain used by Adsrich Media Limited. who provides various internet services including but not limited to marketing and web analytics. When users visit our domain we collect non-personally identifiable information on their internet use.

What information is collected? How is it collected? And what does Adsrich do with it?

We use cookies to collect this information. Cookies collect information on the device and network used to access the domain, and the date and time that users access the domain. This information is for internal use only. The information cannot identify the individual user and it will not be shared with any 3rd parties.

Can users opt out of cookies?

Users can opt out of cookies. If users wish to opt out of cookies then they can adjust the settings on their browser to refuse cookies or delete them. Or users can email us at

If you have any other queries regarding privacy information, please do contact us at

This policy will be updated periodically.

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